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Under 14’s, 16’s, 19’s & 21’s

Underage competitors must be the Age as per the RIBSA Official Guidelines.

Rules played will be standard, but in the league campaign will include a 3-Miss Rule where a player can only be put back from a snooker gaff three times. Failing to miss will result in opponent having to pick up white ball and placing into the D area or asking for player to play on.

Presentation of Trophies takes place on the day. The Organisers/Committee/Referees along with the Tournament Director will have the Final Decision on any rulings’.

There will be a Code of Conduct with good manners. Also Dress Code will be neat dress applies for early rounds IE: Shoes, Slacks, Long Sleeved Shirt, or Club Polo Shirt with collar and club logo. Waistcoat, Shoes, Long Sleeved Shirt and Slacks for Final’s.

Clubs Entering Team Tournaments.

The closing date for any club / player registering for team competitions for the new season need to be in by the closing date set by Committee, 30th August.

Fees:Club-€50, Over-18 €10, Under-18 €5

Anyone wanting to enter can do so here on Web-Site or can pay on the day within the club venue.

Teams shall consist of 5 players with subs. Format on Match night will be first team to win 3 matches to be winners. It will be best of three frames in each tie. Matches must start @8pm played on Thursday’s. There is an occasion where some matches are played on a Wednesday night.

Group 1 table toppers and Group 2 table toppers will go straight into the semi-finals.

Second placed Team in Group 1 will play against third in Group 2.

Third in Group 1 will play against second in Group 2. Winners of each will then play in the semi-finals proper.

Semi-Final’s & Final’s will be Best of 5 Frames.

Bottom in Division (A) will be relegated to the B-Division. Overall winners for the year in the b-Division will be promoted to the Top (A) Division.

There are rulings for any Walkovers in the League, as per the Constitution.

All Players and Officials are expected to uphold the highest of standards with due Respect & Sportsmanship towards others.

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