Cork Snooker & Billiards League A 2015-2016


Week 1

23-09-2015 20:00 A.O.H LA TA - : -
Bye LA A.O.H
24-09-2015 20:00 Crucible A LA
Crucible A LA3 : 0Shooters LA TA
Frame Won Greg Casey12’2’1Frame Lost Ger Mc Cann
Matches Won Greg Casey11’1’1Matches Lost Ger Mc Cann
Frame Won David Cassidy11’1’1Frame Lost Dion Burn's
Frame Lost David Cassidy11’1’1Frame Won Dion Burn's
Frame Won Ryan Cronin11’1’1Frame Lost Walter Mc Carty
Frame Won Dean Callanen12’2’1Frame Lost Danny Murphy
Matches Won Dean Callanen11’1’1Matches Lost Danny Murphy
Frame Won Shane Hourihan12’2’1Frame Lost PJ Caufield
Matches Won Shane Hourihan11’1’1Matches Lost PJ Caufield
Shooters LA TA Cruicable
24-09-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TA
Youghal CYMS LA TA1 : 3Youghal CYMS LA TB
Frame Won Brendan Cooney11’2’1Frame Won G Kelly
Frame Lost Brendan Cooney12’1’1Frame Lost G Kelly
Matches Lost Brendan Cooney11’1’1Matches Won G Kelly
Frame Won Chris Cooney11’2’1Frame Won D Rees
Frame Lost Chris Cooney12’1’1Frame Lost D Rees
Matches Lost Chris Cooney11’1’1Matches Won D Rees
Frame Lost Ross Bullman12’2’1Frame Won A Fitzgearld
Matches Lost Ross Bullman11’1’1Matches Won A Fitzgearld
Frame Won Kenny Wight12’1’1Frame Won C Lyon's
Frame Lost Kenny Wight11’2’1Frame Lost C Lyon's
Matches Won Kenny Wight11’1’1Matches Lost C Lyon's
Frame Won Noel Landers11’1’1Frame Lost D Aherne
Youghal CYMS LA TB Youghal CYMS

Week 2

30-09-2015 20:00 Bye LA - : -
01-10-2015 20:00 Shooters LA TA
Shooters LA TA1 : 3Crucible A LA
Frame Lost Danny Murphy12’2’1Frame Won Greg Casey
Matches Lost Danny Murphy11’1’1Matches Won Greg Casey
Frame Won Dion Burn's11’2’1Frame Won Ryan Cronin
Frame Lost Dion Burn's11’1’1Matches Won Ryan Cronin
Matches Lost Dion Burn's11’2’1Frame Won David Cassidy
Frame Lost Ger Mc Cann12’1’1Matches Won David Cassidy
Matches Lost Ger Mc Cann11’1’1Frame Won Shane Hourihan
Frame Won Walter Mc Carty12’2’1Frame Lost Shane Hourihan
Frame Lost Walter Mc Carty11’1’1Matches Lost Shane Hourihan
Matches Won Walter Mc Carty11’   
Crucible A LA Shooters
01-10-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TB
Youghal CYMS LA TB1 : 3Youghal CYMS LA TA
Frame Won G Kelly11’1’1Frame Won Chris Cooney
Frame Lost G Kelly11’1’1Frame Lost Chris Cooney
Frame Lost A Lander's12’2’1Frame Won Brendan Cooney
Matches Lost A Lander's11’1’1Matches Won Brendan Cooney
Frame Lost D Aherne12’2’1Frame Won Noel Landers
Matches Lost D Aherne11’1’1Matches Won Noel Landers
Frame Won A Fitzgearld12’2’1Frame Lost Ross Bullman
Matches Won A Fitzgearld11’1’1Matches Lost Ross Bullman
Frame Lost C Lyon's12’2’1Frame Won Kenny Wight
Matches Lost C Lyon's11’1’1Matches Won Kenny Wight
Youghal CYMS LA TA Youghal CYMS

Week 3

07-10-2015 20:00 Crucible A LA - : -
Bye LA Cruicable
08-10-2015 20:00 Shooters LA TA
Shooters LA TA0 : 3Youghal CYMS LA TA
Frame Lost Dion Burn's12’2’1Frame Won Brendan Cooney
Matches Lost Dion Burn's11’1’1Matches Won Brendan Cooney
Frame Lost Danny Murphy12’2’1Frame Won Chris Cooney
Matches Lost Danny Murphy11’1’1Matches Won Chris Cooney
Frame Lost Walter Mc Carty12’2’1Frame Won Kenny Wight
Matches Lost Walter Mc Carty11’1’1Matches Won Kenny Wight
Youghal CYMS LA TA Shooters
08-10-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TB - : -
A.O.H LA TA Youghal CYMS

Week 4

14-10-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TA
Youghal CYMS LA TA3 : 0Shooters LA TA
Frame Won Brendan Cooney12’2’1Frame Lost Dion Burn's
Matches Won Brendan Cooney11’1’1Matches Lost Dion Burn's
Frame Won Chris Cooney12’2’1Frame Lost Danny Murphy
Matches Won Chris Cooney11’1’1Matches Lost Danny Murphy
Frame Won Kenny Wight12’2’1Frame Lost Walter Mc Carty
Shooters LA TA Youghal CYMS
14-10-2015 20:00 Bye LA - : -
Crucible A LA Cruicable
15-10-2015 20:00 A.O.H LA TA
A.O.H LA TA3 : 0Youghal CYMS LA TB
Frame Won Sonny Stack11’1’1Frame Won D Rees
Matches Lost Sonny Stack11’1’1Frame Lost D Rees
Frame Won Shane O Mahony12’2’1Frame Lost C Lyon's
Matches Won Shane O Mahony11’1’1Matches Lost C Lyon's
Frame Won David Forde12’2’1Frame Lost A Lander's
Matches Won David Forde11’1’1Matches Lost A Lander's
Frame Lost Gary Bracken11’1’1Frame Won G Kelly
Frame Won Kevin O Leary12’2’1Frame Lost A Fitzgearld
Matches Won Kevin O Leary11’1’1Matches Lost A Fitzgearld
Youghal CYMS LA TB A.O.H

Week 5

21-10-2015 00:00 Youghal CYMS LA TA - : -
Bye LA Youghal CYMS
22-10-2015 20:00 A.O.H LA TA
A.O.H LA TA2 : 3Crucible A LA
Frame Won David Forde12’1’1Frame Won Greg Casey
Frame Lost David Forde11’2’1Frame Lost Greg Casey
Matches Won David Forde11’1’1Matches Lost Greg Casey
Frame Won Shane O Mahony12’2’1Frame Lost David Cassidy
Matches Won Shane O Mahony11’1’1Matches Lost David Cassidy
Frame Lost Sonny Stack12’2’1Frame Won Daniel O Regan
Matches Lost Sonny Stack11’1’1Matches Won Daniel O Regan
Frame Lost Kevin O Leary12’2’1Frame Won Ryan Cronin
Matches Lost Kevin O Leary11’1’1Matches Won Ryan Cronin
Frame Won Loyde Myers11’2’1Frame Won Dean Callanen
Frame Lost Loyde Myers12’1’1Frame Lost Dean Callanen
Matches Lost Loyde Myers11’1’1Matches Won Dean Callanen
Crucible A LA A.O.H
22-10-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TB - : -
Shooters LA TA Youghal CYMS

Week 6

28-10-2015 20:00 Bye LA - : -
Youghal CYMS LA TA Youghal CYMS
29-10-2015 20:00 Shooters LA TA - : -
Youghal CYMS LA TB Shooters
29-10-2015 20:00 Crucible A LA
Crucible A LA1 : 3A.O.H LA TA
Frame Won Greg Casey11’2’1Frame Won David Forde
Frame Lost Greg Casey12’1’1Frame Lost David Forde
Matches Lost Greg Casey11’1’1Matches Won David Forde
Frame Won David Cassidy11’2’1Frame Won Shane O Mahony
Frame Lost David Cassidy12’1’1Frame Lost Shane O Mahony
Matches Lost David Cassidy11’1’1Matches Won Shane O Mahony
Frame Won Daniel O Regan11’1’1Frame Won Gary Bracken
Frame Lost Daniel O Regan11’1’1Frame Lost Gary Bracken
Frame Won Ryan Cronin12’1’1Frame Won Kevin O Leary
Frame Lost Ryan Cronin11’2’1Frame Lost Kevin O Leary
Matches Won Ryan Cronin11’1’1Matches Lost Kevin O Leary
Frame Won Shane Hourihan11’2’1Frame Won Sonny Stack
Frame Lost Shane Hourihan12’1’1Frame Lost Sonny Stack
Matches Lost Shane Hourihan11’1’1Matches Won Sonny Stack
A.O.H LA TA Cruicable

Week 7

04-11-2015 20:00 Youghal CYMS LA TB - : -
Bye LA Youghal CYMS
05-11-2015 20:00 Crucible A LA
Crucible A LA3 : 2Youghal CYMS LA TA
Frame Won Greg Casey12’2’1Frame Lost Brendan Cooney
Matches Won Greg Casey11’1’1Matches Lost Brendan Cooney
Frame Won David Cassidy12’1’1Frame Won Aaron Tobin
Frame Lost David Cassidy11’2’1Frame Lost Aaron Tobin
Matches Won David Cassidy11’1’1Matches Lost Aaron Tobin
Frame Lost Dean Callanen12’2’1Frame Won Noel Landers
Matches Lost Dean Callanen11’1’1Matches Won Noel Landers
Frame Won Ryan Cronin12’2’1Frame Lost Kenny Wight
Matches Lost Ryan Cronin11’1’1Matches Lost Kenny Wight
Frame Lost Shane Hourihan12’2’1Frame Won Ross Bullman
Matches Lost Shane Hourihan11’1’1Matches Won Ross Bullman
Youghal CYMS LA TA Cruicable
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